Balancing Studio and Life in Podcasting

Balancing Studio and Life in Podcasting

Great podcasters don't stay in the studio all day.

A beautiful day, they say, referring to the weather. "Sure is," I reply, referring to my plans to stay inside a small closet and record my podcast.

Is this a joke or our sad reality? If you're always confined indoors, never experiencing life, your podcast suffers. I witnessed this in music school.

Music school, similar to the life of a podcaster, involves spending hours in cramped practice rooms. In these rooms, students perfect their craft with metronomes and sheet music. Some amazing musicians could give flawless performances after endless practice. However, those who truly thrived in the industry were the ones who went out and lived.

I had classmates who barely showed up for class but passed exams with flying colors. Why? They put their skills into practice on stage every night and knew how to connect with an audience. Those who spent all their time in practice rooms could play note-for-note, but their performances felt robotic.

The same applies to podcasting. Connection is vital, especially during interviews. You must be able to speak the language of your guests. Comfort is crucial in your studio, but so is the vibe you bring. If it feels like an interrogation, guests will clam up.

To be a great podcaster, you must balance work in the studio with experiencing life outside. Get out and live; touch grass.