Don't Be Fooled by Popular Podcast Hosts

Don't Be Fooled by Popular Podcast Hosts

"Popular" podcasts aren't always hosted by the best people ...

Good interviews aren't just about having pleasant chats; they require structure, which is often made better by post-episode editing.

Improvisation is another essential skill for handling unpredictable guests - think comedians adjusting their routines based on audience response. Similarly, in podcasting, you may encounter difficult guests that challenge your abilities and demand extra effort to extract compelling content.

Interestingly, not all successful podcasts reflect the host’s expertise. Some popular hosts attract media-savvy guests who carry the episode for them, making even amateur hosts shine! It's akin to the television show, Dancing with the Stars, where pro dancers guide celebrity partners through performances; superior outcomes don’t always equate with individual skill - sometimes it’s savvy support!

So don't be fooled by high-profile podcasters or let them dent your confidence—working with average folks without media training is honing you into a better host.