Embracing Background Noise in Podcast Recordings

Embracing Background Noise in Podcast Recordings

Why background noise in your recordings can be a good thing.

We don’t always have the luxury of a quiet environment during recording sessions. Sometimes we find ourselves on a convention floor, at an airport, or in locations with loud music or noises around where we are, such as backstage at a concert or on the street. And these scenarios can be a challenge to getting a good recording.

Don't let imperfect conditions stop you from capturing an important moment on tape.

Embrace the situation and involve listeners in your journey by describing where you're recording and why there's noise. This both humanizes your experience and strengthens listener connection, as they feel part of that unique moment being captured. Remember, each sentence your record is a snapshot in time and background noise can help to underscore this reality.

Background noise isn’t necessarily detrimental to what you capture, unless it overshadows what’s being communicated. And sometimes it can be helpful in telling the story you want to tell.