Subtitles on Videos

Subtitles on Videos

Why use subtitles?

The importance of subtitles on the videos you create cannot be overemphasized.

Years ago, while attending SXSW, I was fitted for in-ear plugs to protect my hearing. During the exam, the tech let me know about eventual hearing loss due to the buildup in my ears.

In short, I had some “funk” in my left ear that needed to be removed and she told me that I’d eventually wake up one morning to find myself unable to hear at all.

That happened about 15 year later … and unable to hear through my left ear until it was thoroughly cleaned (scraped) by a medical professional.

It hurt like hell, by the way. Beyond that, there was a lot of discomfort, because she went so far in my ear with the tools she was using, I’m pretty sure she touched my brain.

This is more common than you'd think. It’s especially common with people, like me, who work in audio and use headphones. And it’s just one of the reasons why your videos should have subtitles.

In our bustling world, consuming content often occurs simultaneously with other activities. Many individuals scroll through Instagram or TikTok while multitasking—often without sound on. Televisions are “on” in public places, often without audio as well.

Subtitles not only cater to these different scenarios but also aid comprehension—a key factor if you're marketing a product via video for higher conversion rates. This principle is also used by book enthusiasts, who purchase both print and audio versions of their favorite books.

Regardless of how top-notch your audio capture may be, you can take advantage of the many benefits of adding subtitles to your video content. It’s easier than ever, and many times automated, so there is no reason not to do it.