The Perfect Podcast - A Litmus Test

The Perfect Podcast - A Litmus Test

How do you make the "perfect" podcast?

Dave Jackson from School of Podcasting has said that “the perfect podcast” makes a listener do one (or more) of these six things:

  1. Think

  2. Laugh

  3. Cry

  4. Groan

  5. Learn Something

  6. Be Entertained

Jay Clouse from Creator Science gives a similar list for newsletter creators, advising them to create content that falls into one (or more) of these categories:

  • NSFW: that’s crazy!

  • LOL: that’s so funny

  • OHHH: now I get it!

  • WOW: that’s amazing!

  • AWW: that’s sooo cute

  • YAY: that’s great news!

  • WTF: that pisses me off

  • FINALLY: someone said it!

I agree with both and think these lists are a great middle ground for looking at what you create in an objective way that doesn’t go into the weeds so much that you never release anything.

In the end, there’s really only one question that matters when it comes to your podcast – does it make the listener feel something?

Not sure? Start with yourself. Does it make you feel something?