The Power of Origin Stories in Podcasting

The Power of Origin Stories in Podcasting

Origin stories add depth and connection, which is exactly what your podcast needs to be successful.

While attending a wedding, I met a Disney movie producer. She had become the center of attention, so much so that she upstaged the bride. due to her job.

Why? Because people absolutely love Disney and wanted her "insider details."

What makes people care about Disney as much as they do? One aspect is the company's attention to the smallest details. For example, even "minor" elements, like hitching posts Disney World, are considered a big deal.

And every element at Disney, just like every Disney character, has an "origin story."

Origin stories add depth and connection, which applies not only to fictional characters in movie, but also to you and your podcast. These stories help listeners understand why things are the way they are and why they should care.

What a "Podcast Origin Story" Looks Like:

When pitching Music Business radio, there was concern from station management that the audience might be too niche for broadcast radio.

In response to this, on-the-fly and during our meeting, I proposed incorporating a "contest" segment similar to American Idol, but using demos sent by listeners.

The addition of "Dave's Demo Derby" not only saved my overall pitch, but became central to Music Business Radio's identity. And its unique origin story has been repeated hundreds of times and made the show, as well as the segment, more interesting to listeners.

Let people know "how you built it."