Want to Stand Out? Be "Spiky."

Want to Stand Out? Be "Spiky."

To stand out in a noisy world, adopt a "spiky point of view."

To stand out in a noisy world, Wes Kao suggests adopting a "spiky point of view."

This perspective is debatable and invites discussion while being rooted in evidence, but not necessarily proven fact or universal truth. It's not about stirring controversy for its own sake.

If everyone agrees with you, then your topic is obvious and doesn't require debate or commentary. Your viewpoint should be defensible yet open to disagreement to promote productive conversation that helps ideas spread.

As a podcast host, remember you're 50% an instructor and 50% an entertainer. You must make listeners understand why they should care rather than merely presenting facts - information needs to be compellingly delivered.

Consider adopting extreme forms of entertainment like drag queens who accentuate female characteristics for amusement; it's not about creating controversy but highlighting situations your audience can relate to through exaggerated presentation.