When "The Middle" Works

When "The Middle" Works

Sometimes there is "money in the middle." There are also listeners.

The saying goes, "there's no money in the middle." And this is usually true, if you consider “middle” as generic or average. However, when everyone in your niche takes sides, finding common ground can offer a lucrative opportunity.

Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers saw this potential with their podcast Pantsuit Politics. Instead of presenting just one side, or having two sides go against each other, they provide two perspectives from women who desire to maintain a friendly relationship, despite differing views.

And it works … The New York Times praised it as “compelling and thoughtful listening.”

Beyond that, Pantsuit Politics has been downloaded millions of times and was named one of Apple Podcasts’ Shows of the Year in 2021.

So yes, there can be “money in the middle“ when everybody else is taking sides and digging their heels in.