Where to Get Podcast Episode Ideas (and How to Outline Episodes)

Where to Get Podcast Episode Ideas (and How to Outline Episodes)

Looking for podcast episode ideas? Here is where to start … and how to outline your episode for maximum impact.

Looking for podcast episode ideas? Here's where to start ... and how to outline your episodes for maximum impact.

Check out popular YouTube videos within your niche, headlines on Medium.com, or refresh previous content that performed well. Keep up with the changing trends in your specific field and use social media to gather fresh ideas. Even personal thoughts related to your niche can make engaging content.

To outline episodes, follow this four-part framework - APAG: Attention (A), Perspective (P), Advantage (A), and Gamify (G).

Here's an example of this from my specialty, podcasting:


Identify a problem relevant to podcasters like not having many listeners. The issue could be as simple as using a microphone incorrectly.


Offer an alternate view of the problem. For example, "You don’t necessarily need expensive equipment, but rather knowledge about how to correctly use what you have."


Emphasize the benefits of your perspective. For this example, that could be "saving money by utilizing existing resources effectively." Or "Since you already have what is needed, you can get started immediately."


Provide practical steps and challenges to overcome the identified problem. For instance, because Blue Yeti is such a popular mic, focusing on working with that mic, telling people how adjusting settings on the back of the mic can drastically improve sound quality.

In the end, you want an episode that will help you connect with your audience while delivering valuable insights that they'll find helpful. Do this and you'll be in good shape!