Your First 1000 Podcast Subscribers

Your First 1000 Podcast Subscribers

Aiming for your first 1000 podcast subscribers? The key is personal engagement.

Aiming for your first 1000 podcast subscribers? The key is personal engagement.

Let's consider a recent election as an example.

A council candidate named Mary Clark (pseudonym) visited me last month to discuss her campaign. Despite challenges such as hot weather and potential rejections, she set out on a door-to-door campaign, getting votes one at a time.

She came by my house ... and the houses of others on my street. And soon after, I started to see her signs everywhere in my neighborhood, even among those, like my immediate neighbor, who held differing political beliefs.

Getting people to listen to your content can be likened to knocking on strangers' doors: it’s not guaranteed they'll be interested despite being part of your niche market or other commonalities. And winning them over isn't always easy; many times, especially in the beginning of your audience-growth journey, it requires one-on-one interaction.

Taylor Swift adopted a similar approach early in her career, visiting radio stations and performing live showcases for those in charge. When she won these people over, they were able to win their individual audiences over.

You have a similar opportunity. Who are the "tastemakers" for your potential audience?

The big lesson here? To gain 1000 dedicated podcast subscribers willing to promote your podcast within their circles – engage personally! It can be a slow start, but once these relationships are established, they multiply exponentially, as each satisfied listener becomes a potential evangelist for what you're doing.

So ask yourself: How will you win people over? Will you knock doors within your niche like Mary or target influential tastemakers like Taylor Swift did?

Consider both approaches, along with diversifying content across various platforms, rather than relying solely on podcasts.

Persistence pays off - keep showing up until people see that your commitment cannot be denied!